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To celebrate Earth Day, I have decided to share with all you Scribble Blog readers a use for all of those broken and unused (and recyclable) crayons...broken crayon candles!

broken crayons
jars (mason jars work really well and are really easy to find)
1 lb bag of soy wax (makes 3 medium sized candles)
candle wicks
hot glue gun
a medium pot


1) Use a hot glue gun to hot glue the candle wick to the bottom of the jar so it stays in place.

2) Tie a clothespin to the end of the candle wick and place it on top of the jar so it can hold the wick in place while you add crayons and soy wax.

3) Peel all of the paper off the crayons and place them into the jars. You can arrange them randomly or even make a pattern. It’s up to you and your kids!

4) Next you want to melt the wax in a pot on your stovetop on medium heat. The wax will melt very fast, so do not leave unattended. Wait till all of the flakes have melted, then turn off the heat immediately.

5) Pour the melted wax over each candle about ¾ of the way up (or 1 inch from the top, either way works).

6) Let the candles cool and then trim the wick to about the height of the jar.

7) Ta-Da! Light them up and enjoy your beautiful handiwork.

Written by Catherine Clark.

Supplies Needed:
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Posted by: Admin, on April 24th, 2014 at 3:36am. No Comments
Categories: Crafts
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