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The Art Technique of Blow Painting

Blow painting may not be your ordinary art style, but it definitely could be one of the most fun techniques...especially for the little ones. The art of blow painting is extremely easy and super fun. In order to create a blow painting, you will need: paper, thin paint, and straws. If you want to take extra precaution on not wanting to let the tables get messed up you can put your piece of paper on a non-breakable container with sides (dishpan, cake pan, disposable casserole dish, etc).

Artists Blow Painting away!

For your child to create their first masterpiece, you will need to cut the paper so it will cover the bottom of the dish. Then, in a separate container mix some of the paint with a little water so it moves around better on the paper. Then have your child use a spoon to place some of the paint on the paper. Then, let them use a straw to blow the paint around. Make sure they do not suck up the paint, but only blow it around. Let your child add as many colors as they want.

Blow painting in action

Let it dry and then hang up their masterpiece! Watch out, you might have the next Jackson Pollock on your hands!  Enjoy!

Finished Blow Painting

Supplies Needed:
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Posted by: , on March 26th, 2014 at 1:47am.
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