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The Best Laid Plans

Happy Columbus Day, Scribblers!




I know there’s a little bit of controversy about celebrating Christopher Columbus. He didn’t set the best example for sharing, but I believe there’s a different lesson to take from his history-making accomplishments. You know, Columbus didn’t mean to discover America.




He actually set out looking to discover a shorter route to the Indies in Southeast Asia and ended up in the Bahamas by accident. In fact, he still thought he was in the Indies after his ships landed in the wrong place. But his “mistake” began the relationship between Europe and the Americas. So thanks to one epic mistake on October 12, 1492, history unfolded the way it did and we all ended up with the America we now know today.






The point is mistakes aren’t always a bad thing. In fact, sometimes they even better than the original plan. This is a really important lesson my mom taught me when I was little. Whenever I was drawing and would “mess up,” I’d ask for a new sheet of paper. My mom would say, “There’s no such thing as a mistake… only a different picture.” She’d encourage me to work with whatever I thought was a blunder and incorporate it into my drawing. It really forced me to be creative and not be afraid to change my plan.


So on this holiday, please take a moment to remember: There’s no such thing as a mistake, only a different picture. Don’t ever be afraid to mess up, especially in art. You may end up with something even better than you planned… Columbus certainly did! Don't forget to download our free printable coloring page to celebrate the today's holiday. Happy Columbus Day and happy scribbling!




Posted by: Lzahn, on October 8th, 2012 at 12:16pm.

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