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Brown Paper, Endless Possibilities

Who’s already started buying presents this year? While Christmas isn’t until the end of next month, Hanukkah is just around the corner! So the present-wrapping marathon is upon us. Wrapping paper comes in absolutely every shade and pattern, but it sure is fun to think outside the box (get it?) and try some different wrapping techniques.


Here are some ideas to transform present wrapping into craft time! And guess what? They all start with regular ol’ brown paper.  It may seem boring, but plain brown paper gives you a great blank canvas to decorate on. It also looks stylish yet simple and pulls everything together.


Let it snow! Create paper snowflakes with scissors and either colorful or white paper. Then secure your snowflake to the package with some string. 


paper snowflake, diy gift wrapping

photos via How About Orange

Or just grab some yarn and make your own rainbow stripes… no skill required! Just cut and knot. The result? Bright, happy packaging that’s as fun to receive as it is easy to make.


DIY yarn gift wrapping, yarn rainbow wrapping, gift wrapping, crafting with yarn, rainbow


photo via Oh Happy Day


Next up… mail parcels! You don’t have to mail your presents far away to give them a foreign feel. Throw on some seasonal or exotic stamps, a mailing label, tie some twine and presto! Your very own mail parcel presents. 


DIY mail parcel gift wrapping, gift wrapping, DIY mail packages

to via Lolalina


Hey, you could always just tie some plants or dried flowers on your packages! Bring a taste of the great outdoors to you with this fresh twist on gift giving. 


DIY plant gift wrapping, dried flowers, wrapping with plants

photo via The Late Afternoon


Finally, feel free to get eclectic with it. Pick a loose color scheme and try lots of fun materials to decorate your gifts. Use ribbon, lace, paper, doilies, measuring tape (why not?), actual tape… the list goes on. You can also decorate the actual brown paper with white out pens or markers.


DIY eclectic gift wrapping, fun gift wrapping 

photo via Decoratrix


See? The options are endless with a little brown paper and ingenuity. What fabulous creations will you come up with? Share links or photos with us here or on our Facebook page. And be sure to check out our site for any materials you may need. That’s a wrap, folks!


Posted by: Lzahn, on November 27th, 2012 at 11:35pm.

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