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Colorful Crayon Candle


In the thick of summer, the sun is hot and the air is humid. While it’s important to stay cool, sometimes you just have to embrace the heat. Give the sprinklers and water guns a rest and use the warm temperatures to try a unique project!




Let the heat be an advantage when creating your very own melted crayon candles. For this craft, you’ll need a jar, a long candlewick, and lots of crayons (new or broken bits). Wait for an extra hot day with temps in the 90’s.


crayon candle, melted crayons, DIY candle, summer crafts Photo: …And Chaos Ensued


First thing’s first: start peeling the paper off all your crayons and break them into smaller pieces. You can organize them into color layers (rainbow, light to dark, etc) or keep them random. Now grab your wick and place it in the center of the jar. You can either glue it to the bottom or wrap the top around a pencil resting across the jar mouth and dangle it. Start layering your crayons in the jar, making sure to leave as little space as possible between each crayon (if you leave a lot of big air pockets, your candle will collapse as it melts).  Try to fit as many crayon pieces as you can up to your desired height.




Then it’s time to melt! Take your jar outside to an extra sunny spot and leave it to melt in the heat. If you want separate color layers, only put in one layer of crayons at a time, let them melt and harden, then move on to your next color. Be sure to check on it every so often to observe the changes in color and melting process! It should definitely take a few hours, depending on the temperature.





 crayon candle, melted crayons, DIY candle, summer crafts

Photo: No Time for Flashcards


Take your candle inside, let it harden, light it up, and admire your work! It should be noted that the wick will light but it won’t burn as long as regular candles.








Do you have any projects that are better completed in the summer heat? How do you like to beat the high July temperatures?


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Posted by: Lzahn, on July 11th, 2013 at 4:42pm.

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