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Conversation Heart Wreaths


Conversation hearts are sort of the candy corn of Valentine’s Day. They are pretty much synonymous with the holiday they’re eaten on, but they’re probably cuter than they are tasty. That makes them perfect for crafting!




Decorate for this Valentine’s Day with a conversation heart wreath! It’s a fun and simple craft that will spread the love and spare the sugar (so you can save it for the really decadent stuff). Or be sure to snack on a few while building your wreath!




Pick up a round styrofoam wreath form, lots of conversation hearts (how many will depend on your wreath size), thick ribbon, and hot glue. You could use other kinds of glue, but hot glue is strong and dries quickly. If you’d like to preserve your wreath and keep it past the holiday, get some clear sealant (like Mod Podge), as well.




conversation heart wreath, valentine's day craft, valentine's day, conversation hearts


Photo via Celebrations




There’s really no prep involved. Just grab your hearts and start gluing them down. You can try one of several techniques. Some crafters like to work their way around the wreath while others might prefer gluing from the outside in. You can also start gluing the hearts down haphazardly! Whichever method you use, just make sure the hearts are all touching each other so there’s no empty space in between.




conversation heart wreath, valentine's day craft, valentine's day, conversation hearts


Photo via Crafts & Sutch




Once the entire wreath is covered and the glue has dried, you can protect your creation by brushing on a clear sealant. This will protect the hearts from melting in humidity, though it’s still best to keep the wreath indoors during winter.




Finally, loop a ribbon through your wreath, tie a bow, and hang it up! Not only is it colorful and festive for Valentine’s Day, but the soft pastel colors are the perfect mid-February reminder that spring will arrive again soon. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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Posted by: Lzahn, on February 13th, 2014 at 11:40pm.

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