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Crafty Crayons

Truth be told, I was never a huge fan of drawing with crayons as a kid. They weren’t as precise as markers or pencils and they weren’t as sophisticated as pastels… oh, and they made those little wax crumbs everywhere! Unless I was coloring on a restaurant place mat, I can almost guarantee they weren’t my medium of choice. But that doesn’t mean I cannot learn!


With summer winding down, it's the perfect time to get inspired with this classic school supplies staple. This colorful crayon creation is as simple as it is impressive (a winning combination). Kid-friendly and fast-drying, the waxy medium creates a bright, bold effect that's impressive enough to frame and display. Take a note from crafty blogs like Whatever, Mom’s Crafty Space, and Unsimple Living, and embrace the late summer heat with this melty, magical project! All you’ll need is a canvas, a hot glue gun, lots of crayons, and a hairdryer.

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1. Pick out your crayons. Eliminate the blacks and browns and double up on your favorite colors by pulling some from an extra pack.

2. Glue the crayons to the canvas pointing downwards and let the glue dry.

3. Prop the canvas up at a slight angle. Turn your hairdryer on full blast (hot and high) and hold it close to the crayons. Pretty soon you’ll notice the crayons getting shiny or starting to “sweat.” Next, they’ll begin to melt!

4. Keep melting until it reaches the desired effect. Et voila! Your very own bright, modern, unique work of art.


Feel free to take this concept and run with it! You can stick with a bright, cheery rainbow or get as creative as you like. Use all blues and grays to make a rainstorm. Try all greens then flip the canvas upside down to make grass and stems (paint or glue on flowers to complete your crayon garden). Or just use a gradient of one color or a few to match a room's palette or your favorite hue!

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Posted by: Lzahn, on August 19th, 2012 at 11:14pm.

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