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Creativity Means

Hello dear scribblers! How’s the heat wave treating you? When the days get so hot that even a walk to the mailbox sounds miserable, it’s time to grab a seat in front of your fan or air conditioner, break out the crayons and markers, and give your creativity a work out.  




Creativity is one of those loaded words that can sometimes be hard to define. As scribblers and artists, we all possess it, but sometimes it can almost seem like a pressure to come up with something imaginative or unique. Don’t let the lofty implication dissuade you from unleashing your creativity in whatever form it takes. For some new inspiration on the meaning of creativity, take a peek at these lovely quotes on the subject.






creativity quote, creativity, Rita Mae Brown, inspiring creativity


Image via Coffee and Yoga




creativity quote, creativity, Henri Matisse, inspiring creativity


Image via Love This Pic




creativity quote, creativity, Albert Einstein, inspiring creativity


Image via Love This Pic






creativity quote, creativity, Scott Adams, inspiring creativity


Image via Secondhand Sundays




Just grab something to draw with and let your hands do the work. You’ll be surprised at what you come up with! Enjoy the process and never be afraid to turn a “mistake” into a different picture. As for the weather, watch out for the high temperatures, drink plenty of water, and above all—stay cool, calm, and creative!


What helps you feel creative? Do you have any sayings or mantras that get you excited to create something?


Posted by: Lzahn, on July 19th, 2013 at 7:48pm.
Categories: Art, Kids

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