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Extra Candy Roundup


Happy November 1st! How was your Halloween? No matter how you spent the holiday, it seems that one thing abounds today: leftover candy! …or maybe just candy wrappers. Either way, why not recover from those sugar highs and bellyaches with some fun crafts involving candy? Here’s some great inspiration to give those teeth a break and get creative.




Have you ever noticed how pretty the packaging for candy can be? If the sweets have already been consumed and you’re left with a pile of wrappers on the floor, put them to good use by creating some gorgeous art. You might remember the beautiful candy wrapper collages by Laura Benjamin that we shared last year. Another wonderful interpretation of this medium is Mariam Saakashvili’s candy wrapper costume designs. Her stunning creations are so intricate and rich that the wrappers are barely recognizable.




candy wrappers, candy wrapper art, candy collage, candy wrapper costume, candy wrapper art


Images via Lokokinas and Flickr




You know those kinds of candy you just don’t like? We all have them… if you can’t trade, instead of throwing them out, use them to create colorful pictures. We showed you some incredible jellybean portraits last year, but now take a look at these Skittles images. How perfect are these 8-bit Nintendo characters? Try making your own creations with any colorful candy you prefer to use… Skittles, M&M’s, Mike and Ikes, Smarties, gumballs, sour gummies, and so on.




candy art, Skittles art, candy Nintendo characters


Images via Fun Substance




If you’re overwhelmed with options or need a break from dealing with sweets for a bit,  try saving some candy for holiday crafts in December. You can make a unique and colorful wreath or get a head start on your gingerbread house decorations.




candy wreath, candy projects, leftover candy


Images via What Shall I Make Today? and Etsy




Gingerbread house, leftover candy, gingerbread house decorations


Image via Ultimate Gingerbread (art by Lorrie Gauthier)






Hope you had a very, very happy Halloween! What are you going to create with your extra candy?


Posted by: Lzahn, on November 1st, 2013 at 10:53pm.

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