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Floral MOMograms

Well, April showers brought May flowers just in time for Mother’s Day! Flowers are a great way to brighten up a room and put a big smile on Mom’s face. Unlike real blooms, which wilt, paper or silk flowers last forever and allow for some clever, personalized crafting, like a floral monogram. This is a great way to customize a simple project for your very special recipient, be it Mom or just an important lady in your life.




You can pick out someone’s initials or spell out a short word or name (ex. MOM, JOY). Once you have your letters, fill them with Mom’s favorite blooms or just flowers in their favorite colors. If you’re not sure, just pick ones you like… it will all look beautiful!




*Please be aware: For kids working on this project, adult supervision is definitely a must— there are some very sharp tools involved.




To complete this project, you’ll need a paper mache letter (or letters), an exacto knife, a hot glue gun, strong scissors, the flowers of your choice, and floral foam if you’ve gone with silk flowers. You can pick up some artificial flowers from a craft store and cut off the stems or try some stylized options listed below.  For a fun twist, you can also make paper flowers with our free tutorial (cut the chenille stems short for this project)!




Below are some beautiful examples from other bloggers. For their full tutorials, click the links listed beneath them for the original posts. You can also take the concept of this project and try it on different surfaces. Try covering a wooden picture frame in flowers, or instead of monograms, fill a heart-shaped box (supplies listed below). The important part is that it comes from you, so feel free put your personal spin on it.


 floral monogram, mother's day gift, mother's day, spring project
Photo: Parcel Post


floral monogram, mother's day gift, mother's day, spring project

Photo: Anne Marie + Me


How are you planning to pamper the special mamas in your life this Mother’s Day?


Supplies Needed:
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Posted by: Lzahn, on May 10th, 2013 at 11:54am.

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