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Homemade Snow Globes

The winter holiday season is officially here! Why not celebrate with a sweet and simple snow globe craft? These mini winter wonderlands make lovely gifts, decorations, or keepsakes of this season. Here’s how to create your own…


You’ll need a clean and empty jar (mason, pickle, and olive jars all work well), waterproof superglue or epoxy, plastic or ceramic figurine(s), glitter or fake snow, and unscented baby oil. Some other fun details you can add are bristle brush trees for a wintry scene and paint to give your lid a festive flair.


homemade snow globe, diy snow globe, winter craft, homemade gift

Image via Martha Stewart


First, take your figurine and coat the bottom with glue. Press it onto the inner center of the jar’s lid. While that dries, sprinkle some glitter or fake snow into your jar. Next, fill the jar with baby oil, leaving a little room at the top (remember, your figuring will take up some space). An alternative to baby oil is water with a few drops of glycerin. Once your figurine is completely dry, screw on the lid tightly (very tightly!). Flip your jar over and let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!


If you love the idea of a wintery globe, but would rather skip the liquid, you can also create a beautiful winter scene jar. For this, you have more options in the orientation of your jar—it can be upright or on its side. Place your figurines inside and add snow until it looks right. Finally, screw on the lid and display!


homemade snow globe, diy snow globe, winter craft, homemade gift, winter scene jar, liquidless snow globe

Liquidless winter scene jar, image (and tutorial) via Poot and Boogie



For another twist, don’t be afraid to veer away from winter scenes! Try any figurines you like—wild animals, princes or princesses, superheroes, landscapes, underwater scenes!


homemade snow globe, diy snow globe, winter craft, homemade gift

Image via DIY Network


These would make perfect homemade holiday presents, so you can also tailor it to your recipient. What’s your ideal snow globe? Be sure to show us your fabulous creations on our Facebook page or leave a link here in the comments!





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Posted by: Lzahn, on December 4th, 2013 at 2:50pm.

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