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Phone Expressions

While we’re always showing off our individuality with our art or fashion choices, it’s also fun to express ourselves in unexpected places… like our phones!




With the millions of fun and diverse protective cases for our gadgets, your cell phone is a new prime location to exhibit your personality. From utilitarian heavy-duty black cases to solid neon rubber covers to wild patterns or rhinestones, you can change your phone case just like your outfits.




For us crafty scribblers… why not make your very own one-of-a-kind phone case? There’s no better way to express yourself than to create it yourself! Denise Heredia of Unexpected Expectations makes a gorgeous tribal design iPhone cover here. All you need is a matte white iPhone or Blackberry case, colorful Sharpie markers, and perhaps a ruler (depending on your design).


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Photo: Unexpected Expectations



Don’t be afraid to just start drawing! The more colorful and detailed your design, the more interesting it will look. Make sure you draw all the way along the sides and front so the entire case is covered. For a shiny finish and longer lasting results, you can apply clear nail polish over your designs.




Then show off your crazy skills every time you answer your phone! And never worry about confusing your phone with someone else’s. You can even make a couple original creations to rotate!




In what unique ways do you express yourself?


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Posted by: Lzahn, on November 4th, 2012 at 10:51pm.
Categories: Crafts, DIY projects

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