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Popsicle Ornament Perfection


Well, along with December, it looks like the Christmas trees have officially arrived. Every corner in New York City smells like a heavenly evergreen forest. Have you already gotten your tree? Are you really ahead of the game and already decorated it!?


How about adding some fun DIY time to your tree trimming? With some basic supplies and the almighty popsicle stick, you and your kiddos can create the cutest ornaments!


Clear a table and gather a spread of arts supplies: glue, scissors, paint (red, green, brown, black and white will do), constriction paper, a black marker, some ribbon or felt, pipe cleaners, beads, buttons, sequins, googley eyes… you don’t need all of this—you can always adjust or substitute. You can also add in anything you feel like using.


We saw how far plain brown paper could take us here. Now see what your imaginations can do with popsicle sticks! Use them vertically or turn them sideways. Make an ornament with just one stick or grab a handful and build something. Here are just some of the fun options you can create:


• Snowmen

• Reindeer

• Santa

• Sleds

• Mini Christmas trees

• Angels

• Toy soldiers

• Penguins

• Polar bears

• Stars


Take a look at these fun examples below for some more inspiration!


 DIY popsicle stick ornaments, DIY christmas ornaments, crafting with popsicle sticks

Photo via Artificial Trees

DIY Popsicle stick snowman ornaments, DIY christmas ornaments, crafting with popsicle sticks


Photo via A Day of Wonders

DIY Popsicle Stick Christmas Tree Ornaments, DIY Christmas ornaments, crafting with popsicle sticks


Photo via Crafty Mama Blog

DIY Popsicle Stick Penguins, Reindeer, and Toy Soilders, DIY christmas tree ornaments, crafting with popsicle sticks


Photo via Better Homes


What did you come up with? Don't forget to show us! Do you have any fun DIY ornament ideas to share? 

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Posted by: Lzahn, on December 3rd, 2012 at 10:09pm.

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