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Strawberry Christmas Tree Cupcake


Do you have a favorite Christmas treat? Along with Christmas comes tons of sweet goodies: hot chocolate, cookies, candy canes… it’s certainly a time to indulge. Add a little whimsy and creativity to your dessert table with this strawberry Christmas tree cupcake! Strawberries are a perfect pairing with cake and when left whole, they create a beautiful pine tree shape (or fir or spruce or cedar). It’s a festive, tasty, and unexpected treat everyone can enjoy!




What’s great about this recipe is you can adjust it to be as homemade or store bought as you like. To assemble your Christmas tree cupcakes, you’ll need cupcakes or muffins in your favorite flavor (you can make these from scratch or purchase them premade), green frosting (again, from scratch or store bought), a piping bag and star-shaped nozzle, strawberries, and candies to decorate the tree.




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Image (and video tutorial) via Better Homes & Gardens




Start by washing the strawberries and trimming their tops off.  Make sure your cupcakes have a flat surface—trim the top if necessary. Now, on to your icing: if it’s not already green, add some food coloring—you can add a fair amount because you’ll want a rich green color for the tree. Now load the icing into a piping bag with your star-shaped decorating nozzle. Squeeze a little dollop of icing on the cupcake and stick on the strawberry. Next, start piping your tree. Work your way around with short little squeezes of icing, like starbursts. This creates wonderful texture.




Finally, it’s time to decorate the tree! You can be creative with ingredients for this step. Decorating candies (those little metallic balls) look like beautiful tiny ornaments, but you can also use mini M&Ms, as well. Rainbow sprinkles make great colored lights. Add a sugar or fondant star on top as a final touch.




These tasty trees make a perfect classroom snack, party treat, or family dessert.  They’re impressively beautiful, yet simple to make… not to mention, terrifically tasty! Set aside the fruitcake and try a little fruit with your cupcake this Christmas. What holiday desserts are you most looking forward to this season?




Posted by: Lzahn, on December 18th, 2013 at 5:25pm.

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