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Summer Drawing Prompts


The days are getting long, the sun is getting hot, and the watermelon is getting ripe. This can only mean one thing… it must be summer! Today, June 21st, marks the first official day of summer and that means the school year is coming to a close and vacation time has arrived. The first orders of business should be to go outside, run around, play in the sprinklers and eat a popsicle. Once you’ve done all that, how about cooling off with some fun, summery drawing prompts?


1.     Make a list of fun things you want to do this summer. Maybe go to a waterpark, take a trip someplace new, or learn to play an instrument. Draw them out by making a comic strip of your summer vacation!


2.     Create the contents of your dream beach bag for a day by the shore—complete with snacks, reading materials, toys, and anything else you’d like!


3.     Summer is a big time for superhero blockbusters. Draw yourself as a superhero. What would your special powers be? Would you have a sidekick?


4.     Create your dream vacation! Where would you go? What would you do? Who would you bring?


5.     Summer is full of fantastic snacks. Ice cream, popsicles, fresh fruit, seafood… draw your favorites!


6.     Speaking of ice cream, create your ultimate cone or sundae. The works! What flavors and toppings would you use? How tall would it be? Yum!


7.     Bring a drawing pad with you on your adventures this summer. Sketch what you see around you! If possible, bring along some watercolors. They’re perfect for capturing the natural beauty of summer.


8.     When you look out at the ocean, have you ever imagined what’s underneath? There’s a whole living world down there! Draw what you think lives at the bottom of the sea.


9.     Summer is also fireworks season. Grab a black sheet of paper and some paint or glitter and design your own gorgeous fireworks!


10. Take a moment to think about all you’ve accomplished this year in school and in life. Draw your favorite memory from this school year.


Posted by: Lzahn, on June 21st, 2013 at 1:42pm.
Categories: Kids, Art

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