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Supersized Cross-Stitch


Embroidery is a beautiful handicraft, and one that requires dexterity, patience, and a keen eye. But to create something large-scale, like a wall hanging, would take a lot of time…and thread. One really fun way to take the concept of cross-stitching and use it to make a larger piece of art is to play with proportion by using a pegboard as your base.




A pegboard is a perforated surface, usually made of wood or metal, that’s used for storage by hanging tools from hooks or pegs. Since it already has evenly spaced holes, it’s a perfect layout for oversized cross-stitching.




cross-stitching, pegboard, yarn, large cross-stitch


Yarn being used, photo via Duduá




Once you have your pegboard, it’s time to decide your method of stitching. You can use the classic technique of a needle and thread—upgrade the size with a larger needle and yarn or double up your embroidery thread. Your next option is a very crafty alternative for needlepoint novices or anyone who wants to skip the needles (great option for kids): simply grab some paint and create the illusion of embroidery by painting X’s.




cross-stitching, pegboard, paint, large cross-stitch, floral cross-stitch

Alison Strang uses paint! Photo via Whimsey Box




Whatever method you use, it will probably be helpful to have some sort of pattern with a grid to use as a guideline. Those with more experience, feel free to create your own or wing it.




cross-stitching, pegboard, yarn, paint, large cross-stitch


Painted pegboard and yarn message, photo via A Conversation with Moo




This quick and simple project is perfect to introduce little hands to cross-stitching. It also makes an incredibly cost-effective and eye-catching piece of wall art. This takes the traditional art of embroidery and gives it a new twist.




How do you like to update more old-fashioned art forms and crafts?


Posted by: Lzahn, on September 26th, 2013 at 11:34pm.
Categories: Kids, Decor, DIY projects, Art, Crafts

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